Contract Negotiations 2010



UPDATE: October 1, 2010

As you all know, the Company and the Union are in negotiations for a new contract. As always there is a possibility the Union membership could go on strike. In the event of a strike, it would benefit you to prepare your needed prescription benefits. You should plan to have your prescriptions, if possible turned in to ensure your prescriptions are available to you in a timely manner, such as your mail order prescriptions. Please pass this information on to your co-workers that may not have email.

September 29, 2010

The 848 Negotiating Team is deep in economic issues, both sides have exchanged multiple proposals. We will continue to engage the Company, this team is willing to work as long and as hard as necessary to bring the membership an acceptable package.

Stand strong in solidarity,                                                                                                                                                                                                                Negotiating Committee

September 24, 2010

The 848 Negotiating Team continues to negotiate with the company, now the focus begins on economics. While the path was relatively smooth for non-economics itís anticipated that the path may have a few more turns, but the team will continue to navigate the course until we have a resolve and a package we can present to the membership. As we all know with the Federal Government implementing Health Care Reform the Committee received a presentation on cause and effect. Continue to stand strong, the team appreciates your support.

In Solidarity,                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Negotiating Committee

September 23, 2010

Contract talks are moving along significantly. Non-economic issues have been resolved with some positive results. At dayís end 848ís negotiating will be close to resolving non-economic issues. At this time both sides will be introducing expert witness concerning economic issues prior to exchange of economics. The negotiating team wants to thank the membership for your vote of confidence and huge ovation at Sundayís meeting. Stand strong and keep up the great show of solidarity.

In Solidarity,
Negotiating Committee


September 17, 2010

Your negotiating team continues to meet with the company working non-economic and contract language issues. Several exchanges have been made with moderate progress. The optimistic goal of completing non-economic issues by the middle of next week may be achievable if things continue to progress. The 848 negotiating team has prepared its economic proposals and at the completion of non-economic will immediately introduce its economic package. The union leadership knows its union membership is standing strong and unified, keep up the good work.
In Solidarity,
Negotiating Committee


September 14, 2010

On September 13, 2010 UAW Local 848 leaders and Triumph Aerostructure-Vought Aircraft Division kick-off their contract negotiations. The company made their operation plans on business now and future businesses.

This UAW website will keep you informed on negotiation updates and status. Visit this website as much as you can to stay informed!

In Solidarity,                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Negotiating Committee