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Local 848 Sends Bibles to Deceased Members

When a member of Local 848 dies, the union local sends a beautiful Bible to the family. This program has endured many years, but is seldom acknowledged, except by the grateful survivors. One such expression of thanks recently came to the union hall:

To the Brothers and Sisters of UAW 848,

With my whole heart, I thank this union for all they did to help us in our time of need. The loan of the hall and that beautiful Bible I will hold close to my heart forever.

On Monday 4-10-06, I laid my husband to rest at the National Cemetery with full honors. Thank you, my brothers and sisters of UAW 848.

It's people like you

who give people like me

faith that there's still

a lot of true goodness

in this world

A grateful sister,

Maria Esparza & family

Retirees checked out one of the union Bibles during the May luncheon

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