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848 Member is Bike Race Winner!

Tearing down tight twisty single track through trees barely wide enough for the handle bars to clear,

listen for the sound of any one coming from behind!

There through the trees is the beginning of a long climb, with loose rock down the middle of the trail,

so you pick a line at the edge and try to stay there and keep from spinning out.

Finally, with the climb done, there is some downhill to look forward to.

Coming up on a slower rider, you ask to pass and move to his left and make the pass.

The finish is coming soon and that gives you the urge to pedal as hard as possible to go strong to the end.

Now you can see the banners and the finish line so you stand on the pedals and sprint to the finish.

Winded and gasping for air the race is done, but you stay on the bike and ride a bit more to cool down.

That's a piece of mnt bk racing . I have been racing for three seasons and finally won the Fall Texas mountain bike race series! First race was in Kerrville. 1st place. Second race was in Eldorado. I couldn't attend. Third race was Huntsville that was cancelled because of Rita. Fourth race was Bryan. 1st place. Fifth race was Ruston (a beautiful course). 3rd place.
And last was Rockyhill Mountain Bike Ranch near Lagrange. 1st place!

I've been chasing this title for some time now I'm very happy to be healthy enough to be involved with this at my age. The next step is to move to the next category, which means double the distance. Ouch, thats gonna hurt! With some more hard training, hopefully, I'll come out O.K.

I'm proud of this title I'm also proud to be a UAW member.


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