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Save Our C-17 Jobs

From the President's Desk

As some of you may know the last eight C-17's of the second multi-year buy of 60 aircraft, which is worth $9.8 billon, are funded in fiscal 2007. At this time, the budget does not allow for any additional aircraft. What does this mean to our workers at Vought Aircraft Industries? It means that over the next few months we must start letter writing campaigns, notifying our Senators and Representatives of the impact that ending the C-17 production would have on the State of Texas, the City of Grand Prairie, and our military. In the near future we will be providing you with more information on how and what to write. Local 848 has already begun lobbying on behalf of the C-17.

On February 7th, Romeo Munoz and I had the opportunity to meet with different Congressional leaders to discuss the importance of the C-17. This took place at the National CAP Conference in Washington D.C., where hundreds of UAW leaders got together to lobby for different issues that are important to the working men and women of this great country. At this conference, we were allowed to give all of the Region 5 representatives a copy of our talking points on the C-17 to be discussed with the Congressional leaders that they would meet with. Even though it did not directly pertain to them, they know this was an issue that affects other UAW members, and were glad to speak on our behalf.

Since our return from Washington we have sent letters to all fifty-five U.S. Representatives and both Senators explaining the importance of the continued production of the C-17. Chairman Chuck Stanley, Vice President Romeo Munoz, and myself have been invited to the Pentagon. We will be meeting with Gordon England, Deputy Secretary of Defense, and David Patterson, who controls the $421 billion defense budget to discuss a number of issues. Obviously the C-17 belongs at the top of the list. Saving the C-17 program is a worthy fight in which we all must engage. How you can most help will be passed along as we gather more information and put together our best strategy.

Thank you in advance for the effort that I know everyone will put forth on this very important issue.

--President James Splawn



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