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Write Your Congressperson!

Local 848's September Membership Meeting voted to encourage letters to Congress about wages on the Gulf Coast. You are encouraged to phrase your own letter, but the one below is provided as a model:

Dear Congressman:

President Bush issued an executive order on 9\11\2005 allowing federal contractors rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to pay below the prevailing wage.

In a notice to Congress, Bush said the hurricane had caused "a national emergency" that permits him to take such action under the 1931 Davis-Bacon Act in ravaged areas of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi.

The Davis-Bacon law requires federal contractors to pay workers at least the prevailing wages in the area where the work is conducted. It applies to federally funded construction projects such as highways and bridges.

Bush's executive order suspends the requirements of the Davis-Bacon law for designated areas hit by the storm. The administration is using the devastation of Hurricane Katrina to cut the wages of people desperately trying to rebuild their lives and their communities.

President Bush should immediately realize the colossal mistake he has made in signing this order and should rescind it ensuring that America puts its people back to work in the wake of Katrina at wages that will get them and their families back on their feet.

One of the things the American people are very concerned about is shabby work and that certainly is true about the families whose houses are going to be rebuilt and buildings that are going to be restored.

As a part of the voting public, I am requesting that you take the appropriate actions to reverse the President's executive order.

A Concerned Citizen

Thank You.





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