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Congratulations to Local 848 Legislative Program

On October 27, Citizenship and Legislative Committee head Kyle Dubberke sent the good news that President Bush has reversed his decision to slash wages for Gulf Coast workers! President Splawn asked that Local 848 members be congratulated.

Local 848 members can be proud of our role in labor's victory. Over the past month, Local 848 leaders distributed a form letter to Congress. It was created by President Splawn. The members who used that letter, or created a similar one of their own, were part of a massive legislative program to get the decision changed.

Congratulations are in order for all of the workers in the Gulf Coast area, and special congratulations are due for UAW Local 848!

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney issued this statement: "America's working families were outraged when President Bush slashed wages for workers in the hurricane-hit areas, and they've won a huge victory today by forcing Bush to restore prevailing wage requirements in the Gulf on November 8. Bush reversed his decision after a public outcry and bipartisan opposition to his worker pay cut in the House and Senate. Over 350,000 letters to Congress have been sent from AFL-CIO activists alone. The Bush Administration could count the votes…."

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