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United Aerospace Workers Local 848 includes aircraft workers at Lockheed, Raytheon, and Vought. Our offices are at 2218 E. Main Street, Grand Prairie, Texas 75050

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The Dallas Central Labor Council chose to make these early endorsements:

State Representative (District 106 Special Election) Katy Hubener

State Representative Jesse Jackson

State Representative Helen Giddings

Dallas Constable Mike DuPree

The District 106 special election was set for February 28 by Governor Perry. He did so just one day after his fellow Republican, State Representative Ray Allen, resigned. Union people suspect an electoral maneuver because the Governor moved so quickly. When a Democratic seat was opened by the death of Representative Joe Moreno, the Governor let the seat remain open for 7 months without calling a special election. Major legislation was considered while that district remained unrepresented!

People who previously had Ray Allen as State Rep can vote in this special election. The district is a long strip in the southwest corner of Dallas County. Tarrant and Ellis County lines make two boundaries. Beltline on the east and Trinity Railroad on the north form the district. Everyone with these zip codes lives in our near the district: 75050, 75051, 75052, 75060, 75061, 75104

Texans have to be properly registered 30 days before they vote. People who moved or neglected to vote for some time, will have to scramble to get registered in time for the special election or even for the primaries on March 7. The fast way is to get a new registration card and send it in. The newest cards are available free from the Texas Secretary of State's web site: www.sos.tx.us/elections. It takes only a day to get one, but another day to send it to the County Courthouse!

The new cards have a pocket for people to put identification information. If they don't use the pocket, they will have to show their drivers' license or other I.D. the next time they vote.

Most Local 848 members will get a paid hour off on election day, but they will have to bring back proof that they voted. New members should especially hurry to make sure they are registered.

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