UAW 848

Interesting Web Sites:

UAW International

afl-cio web page

Allied Pilots at American Airlines

American Professional Flight Attendants

Dallas Observer Weekly Newspaper

FAIR Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

Fair Trade Coalition

Ft Worth Weekly

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)

IAM 751 (Boeing Workers in Seattle)

Labor History in Texas

Labor History (Georgetown University)

Labour History (International)

Labor History, National

Labor North Dallas News and Activism

Maps of DFW

Musicians union in Ft Worth

Stats from Texas Comptroller

Teamsters 767 in North Texas

Texas AFL-CIO (to receive regular labor updates from Texas AFL-CIO, write to Communications Director Ed Sills)

Texas A&M

Texas Workforce Commission Statistics

UAW Area Retirees

UAW International

UAW 218 (Euless, Texas) UAW 276 (Arlington) UAW967 (Greenville)

USWA (Steelworkers) in Dallas

USWA City Employees in Dallas