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Discussion Good at October Meeting!

Local 848's October 16 Membership Meeting took the time for leisurely discussions on topics of high interest. Union issues usually don't have a quick and ready answer, but members benefit from finding out more about them.

Raytheon Chairman David Dennis expressed optimism that the whole UAW will fight against management's unilateral takeaways from retirees. President Splawn stressed the importance of getting ready for Lockheed contract expiration, especially as the date was only one year away.

Lockheed Chairman Herb Brand congratulated Local 848 members for raising $394 for Lockheed UAW Local 1921, which is located in the Katrina disaster area. President Splawn announced that we had also raised and sent $553 to IAM 751 to help with the expenses they incurred by striking against Boeing.

Brother Bob Bolen said that UAW Local 1069 in Philadelphia is also in a contract dispute against Boeing. He referred people to for updates. A general discussion about how unions should work with management on joint projects involved several members.

The discussion was friendly and earnest. It held everyone's attention, even though we all knew that the Cowboys' game had already started. As soon as we adjourned, the union's big-screen TV became very popular.








Vought Zone 8 leadership, Shane Curry and Terry Brooks took time to pose after the meeting.

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