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Local 848 Has Another Good Meeting


In spite of the weather, Local 848's February Membership Meeting went off well. Vice President Romeo Munoz and President James Splawn reported on an important UAW conference they had attended in Washington, DC. (click here for the President's message)

Munoz said that our UAW Region 5 had won the prize, again, for raising the most money for the union's political program. He offered to share information from a big notebook that he received at the conference. Members were urged to get involved in helping with voter turnout for the all-important 2006 elections. Legislative Committee Chairman Kyle Dubberke explained how early voting works.

President Splawn asked everyone to participate in the letter writing campaign on behalf of hurricane victims. Region 5 Director Jim Wells initiated the program in all 17 states. One of our union sisters is having major financial and health problems. Sister Amanda Garcia and Bubba Aikens took up a collection for her.

Caitlyn Venable, pictured on Joe's lap, had a pretty good time at our union meeting. She drew the tickets for door prizes.

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