Officers sworn in at June, 2002, meeting:


President: Reecie Giesecke

First Vice President: Jay Dunn

Second Vice President: Craig Melton

Financial Secretary: Ron Cohagan

Recording Secretary: John Jarzabski

Sergeant at Arms: Anthony Wilcox


      Dianne White                                              

          Gary Tessmar

          Frank Nance

Guide: Gene Lantz

Retiree Chairman: Gene Cates


Vought Shop Grievance Chairman: Russell Strowd

International Rep Mike Hall read the oath from Article 39 of the UAW Constitution as the new officers were sworn in. Vice President Jay Dunn and Guide Gene Lantz were present, but were not in the photo because they were behind the cameras.


Zone 1 Committeeman: Al Shedrick

District 11 Steward: Randall Ward

District 13 Steward: John Kursteiner


Zone 2 Committeeman: Randy Ray Bailey

District 20 Steward: Fernando Argumaniz

District 21 Steward: Steve Anderson


Zone 3 Committeeman: Pete Jimenez

District 30 Steward: Steve "Hog" Krajca

District 31 Steward: Joe Gomez

District 32 Steward: Aldo Escobar


Zone 4 Committeeman: James Roberts

District 42 Steward: Wade Buie

District 44 Steward: Tim Johnson

District 45 Steward: Cliff Briggs


Zone 5 Committeeman: Nick Crumbaker

District 50 Steward: Rick Koonce

District 51 Steward: Bill Smith


Zone 6 Committeeman: James Splawn

District 62 Steward: Homer Escobar

District 63 Steward: Larry Langley


Zone 7 Committeeman: Rick Carpenter

District 73 Steward: R.A. Moore

District 75 Steward: Wayne Hastings

District 76 Steward: Cannon Elkins


Zone 8 Committeeman: Scott Williams

District 80 Steward: John LaHue


Lockheed Shop Grievance Chairman: Herb Brand

Zone 1 Committeeman: Larry Edmonson


Zone 2 Committeeman: Terry Harper

District 20 Steward: Rex B. Redden


Raytheon Shop Grievance Chairman: David Dennis

Zone 1 Committeewoman: Adrianna Dennis

Zone 2 Committeeman: David Berrera

District 1-4 Steward: Bill Fowler


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